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access to information

Altbach, Philip G, Information crisis in eastern Europe [Europe E] Sep 92, 3,10

Kaufman, Peter, Pubwatch and book culture in Central and Eastern Europe [Europe C/E] May 92, 2,4

Nwankwo, Victor, Report on the Global Knowledge 97 Conference, Toronto, Canada Nov 97, 20,11

Treffgarne, Carew B W, Access to information at ZIBF97 [Zimbabwe] Nov 97, 20,9


Mateso, Emmanuel Locha, ACCT support to textbook publishing in the south [Francophone Africa] Jul 96, 17,9


Ling, Margaret, Pemba: books and libraries [Tanzania] Spr 96, 16,6

Momoh, Ansu E, Programs discussed at Nairobi World Bank book seminar [Africa] Nov 95, 15,6

Newton, Diana, Canadian mission to Washington, Jul 96, 17,8

SABDET/ZIBF seminar at LIBF: The southern African book scene, Jul 96, 17,11

African Books Collective

Bgoya, Walter, ABC, Jun 94, 10,5

Jay, Mary, ABC distributes Bellagio studies in publishing, Jul 96, 17,7

Jay, Mary, ABC, Spr 96, 16,7

Jay, Mary, ABC activities and plans, Jan 92, 1,5

ABC releases new networking directory, Jun 93, 6,12

ABC issues multicultural catalog, Sep 92, 3,11

Afro-Asian Book Council

Hasan, Abul, Afro-Asian Book Council [Afro-Asia] Sep 92, 3,4


Brickhill, Paul, News from APNET [Africa] Spr 96, 16,4

Brickhill, Paul, APNET report [Africa] Sep 94, 11,8

Dekutsey, Woeli A, APNET meets in Nairobi [Africa] Aug 95, 14,1

Gidney, Michael, APNET and VSO launch program to support African publishing [Africa] Sep 94, 11,2

Lewin, Hugh, APNET established [Africa] May 92, 2,1

Nyambura, Gillian, A time to reflect: APNET team reviews its vision, programme and strategy, Nov 97, 20,2

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio donors, APNET meet in Oxford, Nov 95, 15,2

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio/APNET meeting in Harare, Sep 93, 7,3

Waddington, Jenny, Accra Council meeting charts bright future for APNET [Africa] Jun 93, 6,Current APNET activities [Africa] Jun 93, 6,10

Asian Pacific Publishers Association

New Asian publisher group launched [Asia] Dec 92, 4,4


Ike, Chukwuemeka, Business of Writing and Publishing - report of 1996 Zimbabwe writers' workshop [Africa] Mar 97, 19,8

Machwe, Asang, Afro-Asian Book Council sponsors book exhibition and author workshop in Ethiopia [Ethiopia], Dec 94, 12,10

review - Tailor-made textbooks - a practical guide, Nov 96, 18,24

review - New York public library writer's guide to style and usage, Apr 95, 13,12

review - Editors on editing: what writers need to know about what editors do, Mar 94, 9,9

review - Style and format: the CBE manual for authors, editors and publishers, Apr 95, 13,13


New annual national awards for book development in Nigeria [Nigeria] Sep 94, 11,10

Zimbabwe printers smash Guinness world record for fastest book [Zimbabwe] Sep 93, 7,7

New Booker prize for Russian novels [Russia] Jun 93, 6,6

awards (Noma)

Jay, Mary, The Noma award for publishing in Africa, and list of all winners [Africa] Mar 93, 5,2

Jones, Eldred, Hans Zell and the Noma award, Aug 95, 14,11

Salahi, Katherine, Malawian scholar, Tiyambe Zeleza, Noma award winner 1994, receives prize [Africa] Dec 94, 12,3

Ghanaian history book wins 1997 Noma award [Africa] Nov 97, 20,13

French language novel wins 1996 Noma award [Africa] Nov 96, 18,8

Novel in Afrikaans wins 1995 Noma award [Africa] Nov 95, 15,12

South African poet wins Noma award [Africa] Dec 93, 8,11

Two books share 1992 Noma award [Africa] Sep 92, 3,11

awards (Unesco)

Unesco prize for children's and young people's literature, Nov 95, 15,16

Bellagio Publishing Network

Altbach, Philip G, Bellagio group reaffirms support for African publishing initiatives, Mar 94, 9,1

Chanin, Clifford, Reflections on the Bellagio group, Sep 94, 11,12

Membrey, David, Bellagio group meets in Harare, May 92, 2,2

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio network meeting planned for Nov 94, Sep 94, 11,2

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio/APNET meeting in Harare, Sep 93, 7,3

Zell, Hans, Bellagio donor group meets in Harare, Sep 92, 3,1

Altbach, Philip G, Reflections on the Bellagio idea: a conversation with Alberta Arthurs, Jul 96, 17,13

Altbach, Philip G, Bellagio group meets in Oxford, discusses membership and programs, Apr 95, 13,1

Altbach, Philip G, Bellagio group meets, formulates mission statement, Mar 93, 5,1

Altbach, Philip G, Why a newsletter?, Jan 92, 1,1

Altbach, Philip G, Bellagio group clarifies role in Oxford meeting, Mar 97, 19,2

Drabek, Ann Gordon, Future direction for the Bellagio donor group in support of African publishing, Dec 93, 8,1

Editorial, A time of transition, Mar 97, 19,3

Kats, Ivan, letter to the editor, Jan 92, 1,7

Bellagio publications

Jay, Mary, ABC distributes Bellagio studies in publishing, Jul 96, 17,7

New Bellagio publication program launched, Jun 93, 6,1

Bellagio Research and Information Center

News and notes from the Bellagio research and information centre, Nov 96, 18,20

Bellagio secretariat

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio secretariat activities, Nov 96, 18,20

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio secretariat report, Jul 96, 17,6

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio Oxford secretariat news, Nov 95, 15,4

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio secretariat report, Sep 94, 11,4

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio group Oxford secretariat, Dec 93, 8,11

Current Bellagio secretariat activities, Sep 92, 3,12

Bellagio secretariat activities, May 92, 2,5

Book Aid International (Ranfurly)

Nicholson, Cath, Book Aid International: working to strengthen local book production, Aug 95, 14,6

Harrity, Sara, Ranfurly library service: current programs, Dec 93, 8,14

Membrey, David, Ranfurly library service: current developments, Jan 92, 1,6

book fairs

Bugembe, Mary, Pan-African children's book fair grows in importance [Africa] Nov 96, 18,7

Butalia, Urvashi, The world book fair in India [India] Dec 94, 12,7

Gopinathan, S, 25 Years of the Singapore international festival of books and book fair [Singapore] Mar 94, 9,8

Holder, Julie, Pan African children's book fair May 1993 [Africa] Jun 93, 6,5

Ling, Margaret, Minding the business at ZIBF 96 [Zimbabwe] Nov 96, 18,2

Ling, Margaret, ZIBF - now and to the year 2000 [Zimbabwe] Spr 96, 16,5

Ling, Margaret, Trade and debate at ZIBF95, Nov 95, 15,7

Ling, Margaret, ZIBF95 Human rights theme brings in the bookings [Zimbabwe] Aug 95, 14,5

Mbanga, Trish, Book fair directors meet at Bellagio, Dec 94, 12,2

Mbanga, Trish, Zimbabwe book fair 94 breaks records [Zimbabwe] Sep 94, 11,1

Mbanga, Trish, Zimbabwe book fair 93 successful [Zimbabwe] Sep 93, 7,6

Mbanga, Trish, Zimbabwe International book fair 1992 [Zimbabwe] Dec 92, 4,2

Priestley, Carol and Treffgarne, Carew, Zimbabwe book fair 96 activities [Zimbabwe] Nov 96, 18,3

Ranger, Terence, Zimbabwe book fair: controversy in 1995 [Zimbabwe] Nov 95, 15,1

Rudiak, Michael, A view from the Frankfurt book fair, Dec 93, 8,8

Salahi, Katherine, Bellagio group supports first Ghana international book fair [Ghana] Mar 97, 19,4

Staunton, Irene, Reflections on the Bologna children's book fair, Jun 93, 6,3

Taylor, Sally, Report from the Frankfurt book fair 1992, Mar 93, 5,

Zell, Hans, Zimbabwe International book fair 92 [Zimbabwe] Sep 92, 3,2

Zhenran, Lian, China's Seventh national book fair [China] Nov 97, 20,7

Dar es Salaam Book Fair [Tanzania] Dec 94, 12,2

1995 Zimbabwe book fair plans [Zimbabwe] Sep 94, 11,5

Zimbabwe book fair 93 [Zimbabwe] Dec 93, 8,10

Singapore book festival successful [Singapore] Mar 93, 5,16

Zimbabwe initiative [Zimbabwe] Dec 92, 4,8

Zimbabwe International book fair 92 [Zimbabwe] May 92, 2,8

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