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Karanja, A Njeri

Training for the publishing and bookselling industries in Kenya, Sep 94, 11,14

Katama, Agnes

Book development in Uganda: Unesco/Danida Basic Learning Materials Initiative workshop [Uganda] Nov 97, 20,4

Scholarly publishing in Africa: challenges and opportunities [Africa] Nov 97, 20,9

Kats, Ivan

Friends of the Book established in Kenya, Dec 93, 8,15

Problems of permissions, Sep 93, 7,12

New project: encouraging the printing of key books under licence for sale at low price, Dec 92, 4,7

Introducing Obor, May 92, 2,7

letter to the editor, Jan 92, 1,7

Kaufman, Peter

Pubwatch and book culture in Central and Eastern Europe, May 92, 2,4

Koutchoumow, J Alexis

International Publishers Association: current activities, Mar 94, 9,10

Lema, Elieshi

Future of African indigenous publishing: report of Arusha seminar, Jul 96, 17,4

Lewin, Hugh

APNET established, May 92, 2,1

Ling, Margaret

The library market in Africa [Africa] Nov 97, 20,8

Minding the business at ZIBF 96, Nov 96, 18,2

ZIBF - now and to the year 2000, Spr 96, 16,5

Pemba:books and libraries, Spr 96, 16,6

Trade and debate at ZIBF95, Nov 95, 15,7

ZIBF95 Human rights theme brings in the bookings, Aug 95, 14,5

Lorimer, Roland

The Canadian center for Studies in Publishing, Aug 95, 14,8

MacGlinchey, Ciaran

The Caribbean law publishing company - a model for south-south co-operation, Mar 97, 19,5

Machwe, Asang

Afro-Asian Book Council sponsors book exhibition and author workshop in Ethiopia, Dec 94, 12,10

Maissen, Leena

IBBY - International board on books for young people, Sep 94, 11,14

Marcazzan, Sr Teresa

Association of Catholic publishers in Africa, Mar 97, 19,9

Mateso, Emmanuel Locha

ACCT support to textbook publishing in the south, Jul 96, 17,9

Mbanga, Trish

Book fair directors meet at Bellagio, Dec 94, 12,2

Zimbabwe book fair 94 breaks records, Sep 94, 11,1

Zimbabwe book fair 93 successful, Sep 93, 7,6

Zimbabwe International book fair 1992, Dec 92, 4,2

Zimbabwe government lifts book import taxes, Sep 92, 3,8

McGregor, Charles

Doing it better, Nov 96, 18,12

Membrey, David

A resource package for African publishers, Mar 93, 5,5

Bellagio group meets in Harare, May 92, 2,2

Ranfurly library service: current developments, Jan 92, 1,6

Momoh, Ansu E

Programs discussed at Nairobi World Bank book seminar, Nov 95, 15,6

The problems of book publishing in Sierra Leone, Mar 97, 19,15

Montagnes, Ian

The African publishing institute and local initiative, Dec 94, 12,8

IRRI publication and training programs, Sep 92, 3,2

Moock, Peter

The World Bank's lending for textbook provision, Mar 93, 5,8

Moss, Glenn

Crisis in South African publishing, Sep 93, 7,1

Mugo, Macharia

Workshop aims to stimulate publishing science for children, Aug 95, 14,2

Nair, Chandran

Unesco's program for book development, Mar 93, 5,13

Newton, Diana

Canadian mission to Washington, Jul 96, 17,8

A new Canadian program: the International Publishing Partnership, Nov 95, 15,13

Bridging the Anglophone/Francophone divide, Nov 95, 15,11

Impact of the devaluation of the CFA franc on African publishing, Apr 95, 13,2

ACCT roundtable on textbooks, Apr 95, 13,5

Effective policies for the growth of a viable publishing industry: the case of Quebec, Sep 94, 11,10

Devaluation of CFA franc in Francophone Africa may offer hope to beleaguered publishing industry, Mar 94, 9,6

Nicholson, Cath

Book Aid International: working to strengthen local book production, Aug 95, 14,6

Nwankwo, Victor

Report on the Global Knowledge 97 Conference, Toronto, Canada Nov 97, 20,11

Nigeria: publishing in a situation of crisis, Dec 93, 8,4

Publishing in Nigeria: trends and prospects, Mar 93, 5,11

To hell with indigenous publishing in Africa, Mar 97, 19,25

Publishing partnerships between Africa and the north - report from Frankfurt book fair 1995, Nov 96, 18,18

Nyambura, Gillian

A time to reflect: APNET team reviews its vision, programme and strategy, Nov 97, 20,2

Ofei, Eric

The state of publishing in Ghana today, Nov 97, 20,14

Ogunleye, Bisi

Who killed the bookshop system in Nigeria?, Jun 94, 10,8

Osborn, Paul

The promotion of technical publishing in Africa, Mar 93, 5,7

Otiende, James

Friends of the Book foundation achieves autonomy, Dec 94, 12,12

Paquot, Elisabeth

The promotion of technical publishing in Africa, Mar 93, 5,7

Perlez, Jane

Kenya permits a novel about political prisoners, Jan 92, 1,8

Phiri, Isaac

Promoting self-sustaining Christian publishing, Nov 95, 15,14

Pool, Kate

review - Intellectual property law, Jul 96, 17,19

Priestley, Carol

Report: DAE working group on books and learning materials, Spr 96, 16,18

Publishing economics top DAE working group agenda, Aug 95, 14,3

Education for all - initiative on basic learning materials, Apr 95, 13,10

DAE working group on textbooks and libraries: notes from the London session, Mar 94, 9,4

Bibliography of African book sector studies, Mar 94, 9,17

Donors task force discuss textbooks, Dec 93, 8,7

Textbook provision and the feasibility of co-operation among SADC countries: a comment, Dec 93, 8,16

African scholarly publishers meet in Harare, Sep 93, 7,8

Zimbabwe book fair 96 activities, Nov 96, 18,3

Randle, Ian

Publishing in the Caribbean: trends and developments, Jul 96, 17,14

The Caribbean law publishing company - a model for south-south co-operation, Mar 97, 19,5

Ranger, Terence

Zimbabwe book fair: controversy in 1995, Nov 95, 15,1

Books, science and technology in Africa, Jun 94, 10,1

Rosenberg, Diana

African journals distribution program: an update, Nov 95, 15,8

University libraries in Africa: status and potential, Apr 95, 13,6

African journals for Africa, Sep 94, 11,7

Rudiak, Michael

A view from the Frankfurt book fair, Dec 93, 8,8

Francophone publishers to form inter-African book distribution scheme, Dec 92, 4,1

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