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national book policy
Altbach, Philip G, Unesco's interbook conference focuses on key publishing issues, Jul 96, 17,12

Hasan, Abul, Formulating a national book policy - the Asian initiative [Asia] Dec 93, 8,15

Afro-Asian Book Council drafts book policy for S Asia [Asia south] Mar 94, 9,19

new publications
Nov 97, 20, 20; Mar 97, 19,27; Nov 96, 18,25; Jul 96, 17,22; Spr 96, 16,20; Nov 95, 15,15; Aug 95, 14,16; Apr 95, 13,12; Dec 94, 12,1; Sep 94, 11,16; Jun 94, 10,6; Dec 93, 8,12; Sep 93, 7,11; Jun 93, 6,6; Mar 93, 5,14; Dec 92, 4,8; Sep 92, 3,4; Jan 92, 1,6

Gibbs, James, Obituary - Rex Collings, Nov 96, 18,22

Obituary - Jonathan Zeitlyn, Aug 95, 14,16

OborAnderton, Donna, Obor: The next generation, Mar 97, 19,7

Kats, Ivan, Introducing Obor, May 92, 2,7

organisations - (see ACCT, APNET, Afro-Asian Book Council, Asian Pacific Publishers Association, Book Aid International, CODE, Friends of the Book, International Publishers Association, International Publishing Partnership, Obor, Unesco, World Bank)

Dialogue of Partners: An international workshop on donated book programs, Sep 92, 3,9

Publishing and development: New York donors meeting focuses on issues and plans, Jan 92, 1,1

partnerships north-south
Altbach, Philip G, Copublishing: benefits and costs, Spr 96, 16,2

Chakava, Henry, Publishing partnerships between America and the north: dream or possibility, Nov 95, 15,4

Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja, Publishing in Pulaar: the interactive role of an NGO [Africa] Apr 95, 13,8

July, Richard, Book publishing for African universities [Africa] Dec 92, 4,3

Kats, Ivan, Problems of permissions, Sep 93, 7,12

Kats, Ivan, New project: encouraging the printing of key books under licence for sale at low price, Dec 92, 4,7

Newton, Diana, Canadian mission to Washington, Jul 96, 17,8

Nwankwo, Victor, Publishing partnerships between Africa and the north - report from Frankfurt book fair 1995, Nov 96, 18,18

partnerships south-south
MacGlinchey, Ciaran and Randle, Ian, The Caribbean law publishing company - a model for south-south co-operation [Caribbean] Mar 97, 19,5

Ze, David, Piracy in the Chinese book market [China] Aug 95, 14,7

Altbach, Philip G, Trends in privatization in African publishing [Africa] Jul 96, 17,3

Altbach, Philip G, Perspectives on privatization in African publishing [Africa] Jul 96, 17,16

Chirwa, Chris, Publishing in Zambia - towards privatization [Zambia] Jun 94, 10,9

Horwitz Gray, Eve, Academic book production and distribution in Africa [Africa] Nov 97, 20,5

Nicholson, Cath, Book Aid International: working to strengthen local book production, Aug 95, 14,6

Zell, Hans, review - Publishing in Africa - one man's perspective [Africa] Nov 96, 18,22

review - Making books available and affordable [Africa] Mar 97, 19,27

Asia Pacific consultation [Asia/Pacific] Aug 95, 14,13

Durand, Rosamaria, 1995 APPREB regional consultation [Asia/Pacific] Spr 96, 16,8

Taylor, Sally, Critical challenges for educational publishers in Africa - reading development in mother tongues [Africa] Mar 97, 19,21

Walter, Scott, Towards a literate environment, Sep 92, 3,7

review - A history of reading, Mar 97, 19,27

Membrey, David, A resource package for African publishers, Mar 93, 5,5

Priestley, Carol, Bibliography of African book sector studies[Africa] Mar 94, 9,17

Zell, Hans, Publishing and book development in sub-Saharan Africa 1995: a checklist of recent literature [Africa] Jul 96, 17,23

Zell, Hans, Publishing and book development in sub-Saharan Africa 1994: a checklist of recent literature [Africa] Aug 95, 14, supplement

Zell, Hans, Publishing and book development in Africa 1993: a checklist of recent literature [Africa] Mar 94, 9,11

Zell, Hans, New fourth edition of African books in print [Africa] Mar 93, 5,15

review - African publishers networking directory 1997-98 [Africa] Mar 97, 19,27

review - Publishing and book development in sub-Saharan Africa: an annotated bibliography [Africa] Jul 96, 17,22

review - Development directory of indigenous publishing [Africa] Nov 95, 15,15

review - The Smithsonian book of books, Nov 95, 15,16

review - Publishing and book development in sub-Saharan Africa [Africa] Dec 94, 12,15

review - International book publishing: an encyclopedia, Dec 94, 12,15

review - Small press yearbook 1994 [Europe] Mar 94, 9,9

review - Literary market place: the directory of the American book publishing industry [US] Mar 94, 9,9

review - As I was saying: essays on the international book business, Mar 94, 9,9

review - Reader on book publishing in Pakistan [Pakistan] Mar 94, 9,10

ABC releases new networking directory, Jun 93, 6,12

scholarly publishing (see also journals, scientific publishing)
Altbach, Philip G, Academic publishing for small markets: the challenge in central and eastern Europe, Nov 97, 20,17

Bankole, S B, Scholarly publishing in Nigeria: the dilemma [Nigeria] Dec 93, 8,5

Bekker-Nielsen, Tonnes, Scholarly publishers working together, Apr 95, 13,14

Horwitz Gray, Eve, Academic book production and distribution in Africa [Africa] Nov 97, 20,5

Jaygbay, Jacob, Self-censorship and African scholarship - implications for scholarly publishing [Africa] Nov 96, 18,14

Jaygbay, Jacob, Scholars and academic publishers: the African context [Africa] Aug 95, 14,14

Jaygbay, Jacob, Commercialize or wither: the dilemma of noncommercial scholarly publishers in Africa [Africa] Apr 95, 13,1

Katama, Agnes, Scholarly publishing in Africa: challenges and opportunities [Africa] Nov 97, 20,9

Priestley, Carol and Zell, Hans, African scholarly publishers meet in Harare [Africa] Sep 93, 7,8

Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe, The challenges of academic publishing for African scholars [Africa] Apr 95, 13,4

review - Scholarly publishing: the electronic frontier, Spr 96, 16,20

scientific publishing (see also journals, scholarly publishing)
Cetto, Ana Maria and Hillerud, Kai-Inge, Scientific publishing: a Latin American perspective [Latin America] Apr 95, 13,7

Mugo, Macharia, Workshop aims to stimulate publishing science for children [Africa] Aug 95, 14,2

Osborn, Paul and Paquot, Elisabeth, The promotion of technical publishing in Africa [Africa] Mar 93, 5,7

Ranger, Terence, Books, science and technology in Africa [Africa] Jun 94, 10,1

review - Scientific publications in Latin America [Latin America] Nov 96, 18,24

state of publishing
Altbach, Philip G, Russian publishing: the heady doldrums of change [Russia] Jun 93, 6,7

Butalia, Urvashi, India: the choices and challenges ahead [India] Mar 94, 9,5

Chakava, Henry, Publishing and state censorship in Kenya [Kenya] Spr 96, 16,12

Chirwa, Chris, Publishing in Zambia - towards privatization [Zambia] Jun 94, 10,9

Dekutsey, Woeli, Are Ghanaian publishers producing fewer titles? [Ghana] Nov 96, 18,10

Durand, Rosamaria, Book development in south east Asia: Vietnam and Cambodia [Asia SE] Nov 95, 15,9

Faye, Djibril, Publishing in Senegal: current developments [Senegal] Jun 94, 10,11

Jaygbay, Jacob, A glimpse at publishing in Senegal [Senegal] Mar 97, 19,19

Momoh, Ansu, The problems of book publishing in Sierra Leone [Sierra Leone] Mar 97, 19,15

Moss, Glenn, Crisis in South African publishing [S Africa] Sep 93, 7,1

Nwankwo, Victor, To hell with indigenous publishing in Africa [Africa] Mar 97, 19,25

Nwankwo, Victor, Nigeria: publishing in a situation of crisis [Nigeria] Dec 93, 8,4

Nwankwo, Victor, Publishing in Nigeria: trends and prospects [Nigeria] Mar 93, 5,11

Ofei, Eric, The state of publishing in Ghana today, Nov 97, 20,14

Randle, Ian, Publishing in the Caribbean: trends and developments [Caribbean] Jul 96, 17,14

Wassie, Atnafu, Ethiopia: a new beginning in publishing [Ethiopia] Spr 96, 16,9

Ze, David, The future of state publishing in China [China] Spr 96, 16,15

Zeitlyn, Jonathan, Publishing for development: experience from Bangladesh [Bangladesh] Jun 93, 6,8

Zell, Hans, African Studies Association roundtable on African publishing [Africa] Mar 94, 9,1

state publishing
Ze, David, The future of state publishing in China [China] Spr 96, 16,15

Zurbrugg, Anthony, Letter - current African book statistics, Nov 96, 18,21

Hasan, Abul, Call for a common book market in south Asia [Asia south] Apr 95, 13,13

Ling, Margaret, Trade and debate at ZIBF95, Nov 95, 15,7

Mbanga, Trish, Zimbabwe government lifts book import taxes [Zimbabwe] Sep 92, 3,8

Czerniewicz, Laura, South Africa: initiatives in publishing training [S Africa] Sep 93, 7,7

Czerniewicz, Laura, Formal publishing training available to African publishers [Africa] Dec 92, 4,4

Ghai, SK, Institute of book publishing - a training initiative [India] Mar 97, 19,11

Hasan, Abul, Afro-Asian Book Council launches five year training programme [Afro-Asia] Spr 96, 16,19

Karanja, A Njeri, Training for the publishing and bookselling industries in Kenya [Kenya] Sep 94, 11,14

Lorimer, Roland, The Canadian center for Studies in Publishing [Canada] Aug 95, 14,8

Momoh, Ansu E, Programs discussed at Nairobi World Bank book seminar [Africa] Nov 95, 15,6

Montagnes, Ian, The African publishing institute and local initiative [Africa] Dec 94, 12,8

Montagnes, Ian, IRRI publication and training programs, Sep 92, 3,2

Durand, Rosamaria, Interregional co-operation: Unesco initiatives, Spr 96, 16,20

Durand, Rosamaria, Unesco's section for books and reading: a holistic view of book development, Aug 95, 14,9

Nair, Chandran, Unesco's program for book development, Mar 93, 5,13

review - Scientific publications in Latin America [Latin America] Nov 96, 18,24

Asia Pacific consultation [Asia/Pacific] Aug 95, 14,13

The Asian Cultural Center for Unesco (ACCU) [Asia] Sep 92, 3,8

United Nations
Arboleda, Amadio Antonio, The United Nations University as a publisher: UNU Press, Jun 93, 6,9

World Bank
Dekutsey, Woeli A, The World Bank meets APNET in Nairobi [Africa] Aug 95, 14,5

Diop, Sakhevar and Moock, Peter, The World Bank's lending for textbook provision, Mar 93, 5,8

Nwankwo, Victor, To hell with indigenous publishing in Africa [Africa] Mar 97, 19,25

Zell, Hans
Bgoya, Walter, A tribute to Hans Zell, Aug 95, 14,12

Jay, Mary, Hans Zell: an appreciation, Aug 95, 14,10

Jones, Eldred, Hans Zell and the Noma award, Aug 95, 14,11

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