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Pleasure Through Reading - Zambia

This project uses television programmes to stimulate and promote reading in Zambia. The project is being promoted by Window Images-Media in Development in the light of growing concern that reading habits in Zambia were rapidly falling and that most Zambians ranging from school going children to adults do not read for pleasure.

The organisers hoped that through “Pleasure Through Reading” a broad cross-section of people would find the programme not only interesting and educative but also challenging and motivating to the extent of taking up reading.

Main Communication Strategies
The programme will be expressed through a magazine format with a live audience in the studio and it will be divided into three segments.

“Story Time” Presenter will introduce the programme and the book for the day. The Presenter gives the background on what the book is all about, facilitates a discussion and takes people through portions of the book. The programme will also be chatting with different people on the street

The people will be asked questions like:

  • Did you read a book this week...?

  • What did you discover?

  • Where did you buy the book?

"Sharing Moment" Personalities from different fields will be featured on this segment. They will share their reading life and how it has been help in their career or life.

"Top Ten books" and "Developments in the Book Industry" Bookshops will give an update of which books have had the highest sell. They will give new releases in relation to Zambian and foreign publications. Each bookstore will be encouraged to give details of the kinds of books they have in store for different segments of the population e.g. children, women, the sick etc.

At the end of the programme a quiz will be done on the book read on the programme. It will look at the title, author and what the book is all about.

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