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 BPN Newsletter Issue No 30, May 2002 



compiled by Sulaiman Adebowale
Readers are welcome to review any of the publications, and are also encouraged to send us reviews of publications covering publishing and book development issues.

Takam Tikou: Le bulletin de la joie par les livres 9, 2002.
La Joie par les Livres, ISSN 1271-6103, 147pp, February 2002, 15 euros +2.44 euros postage. av. Générale de Gaulle, 92147 Clamart cedex, France. +33 1 40831462 (tel), +33 1 40940404 (fax), email:;

The ninth issue of this invaluable resource on children's books and literature contains a special focus on the Arab world. A lead article by the Egyptian illustrator and author, Mohiedine Ellabbad, attempts to locate the origin and features of children's literature and publishing in the Arab world. The dossier also presents a selection of projects and initiatives promoting literacy and reading in the region.

In addition, the journal's regular columns cover news and book reviews on titles, publishers, and book promotion and development actors in children books in Africa and France.

Courage and Consequence: Women Publishing in Africa edited by Mary Jay and Susan Kelly
ISBN 0952126974, xii + 109 pp, 2002, $19.95/ £11.95. African Books Collective, The Jam Factory, 27 Park End St. Oxford OX1 1HU, UK. +44 (0)1865-726686 (tel), +44 (0)1865-793298 (fax), email:;

This important book attempts to build an overall picture of the role, status and aspirations of women in publishing through individual interpretations of their experiences in publishing as women, or through the type of publishing in which they are involved and the context of publishing in their environment.

Contributors to this invaluable volume include Elizabeth Anderson (South Africa), Kathy Bond Stewart (South Africa), Sonja Fagerberg-Diallo (Senegal), Jane Katjavivi (Namibia), Goretti Kyomuhendo (Uganda), Elieshi Lema (Tanzania), Serah Mwangi (Kenya), Janet Njoroge (Kenya), Akoss Ofori-Mensah (Ghana), Oluronke Orimalade (Nigeria), and Irene Staunton (Zimbabwe). The contributors cover a wide range of publishing ventures and sectors, from commercial, NGO, and public, to feminist and literacy activist publishing.

The Media in Governance: A Guide to Assistance. Developing free and effective media to serve the interests of the poor. Department for International Development (DFID)
ISBN 1861923775, 59pp, 2001, DFID, 1 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HE, UK. +44 (0)20 7917 700 (tel), +44 (0)20 7917 0019 (fax) (UK), +44 1355843132 (overseas), email:;

This document aims to 'improve the quality and impact of government-media relations and media effectiveness in serving the interests of the poor and the disadvantaged'. Produced by Colin Roth for the Governance Department of DFID, the guide is to help government and development agencies on how best to support the media in developing countries with a view to improving the livelihoods of the disadvantaged in these countries.

It tackles issues around government-media relations, regulatory mechanisms, and strategies to adopt to make the media more effective. It also contains a directory of resources for training media practitioners. BPN [end]  [BPN, no 30, 2002, p 11.]

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