Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter
 Number 29
December 2001 


The Bellagio Publishing Network is an informal association of organizations dedicated to strengthening indigenous publishing and book development in Africa. The group includes publishers, donor organizations from both government and private voluntary sectors, and others who are concerned with books and publishing. This newsletter covers news of the Network and perspectives on publishing and book development.


 News and Report on Publishing


Editorial  [html]  
By Katherine Salahi  

Reclaiming our own voices: the first international conference on Caribbean publishing  [html]  
By Jeremy Taylor

5th Kinshasa Book Fair  [html]  
By Corneille Monoko

Strengthening biomedical publishing in developing countries  [html]  
By Sulaiman Adebowale  

African Journal of Reproductive Health: development, challenges and prospects   [html]  
By James Falaiye  

Benchmark cultural work on Ifa wins 2001 Noma Award   [html]  

5th IPA Copyright Conference to be held in Ghana   [html] 


 Perspectives and Commentary


Cyprian Ekwensi    [html]  
By Charles Larson

What Cyprian Ekwensi meant to me   [html]  
By Kole Omotoso




Review    [html] 

New publications    [html]  

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