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compiled by Rachel Wiggans

Book and Publishing Assistance Programs: A Review and Inventory, Carol Priestley. ISBN 0964607867 168pp 2000 Bellagio Studies in Publishing 11) $19.95/£11.95

This is a revised version of the second book in the Bellagio series in Publishing, originally published in 1993. Divided into two sections, the first is subdivided into a short review of the context of donor activity in support of indigenous publishing, followed by an overview of some types of donor support. The pages on context look briefly at key issues such as language, capital, equipment, authorship, and copyright.

The overview describes types of support such as paper provision, training, the organising of loan schemes, and subsidising translation. The second, longer section of the book, gives details of organisations involved in support of to indigenous publishing with full contact details. The book serves as a reference detailing which organisations are undertaking what sort of work in support of publishing; it is also an introductory text to those new to the field.

Publishing Information and Training Resources. Books, Periodicals, Training Materials, for the year 2000. (4th edition) Book Aid International 56 pp available free of charge from Book Aid International, 39/41 Coldharbour lane, London SE5 9NR, England +442077333577(tel), +44 20 79788006(fax), ;

The fourth edition of this useful catalogue includes many new entries about books, journals and reference resources relevant to publishers in Africa and in other parts of the developing world. Detailed information about titles is given under broad headings such as publishing management, editorial functions and procedures, design and production, desktop publishing, marketing and distribution.

ABC Publishing, Book Trade and Writing Resources Catalogue, May 2000, African Books Collective Ltd, The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HU, England. +44 1865726686 (tel), +44 1865 793298 (fax),

The African Books Collective's first unified catalogue of resources on African publishing, the book trade and writing resources, lists 36 titles including handbooks, texts by leading voices in African book development, country specific books in print, and reference resources. The list includes titles from member publishers in Africa, a small number of titles published by ABC itself, and titles from leading organisations in book development in Africa which ABC distributes: APNET, ADEA (Working Group on Books and Learning Materials), and the Bellagio Publishing Network. Selected titles are also distributed from the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, the International African Institute, and Hans Zell Publishers.

African Publishers Networking Directory 1999/2000 (3rd ed.), ISBN 095212693172 pp 1999, African Books Collective, The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HU, England. +44 1865726686 (tel), +44 1865 793298 (fax), $30/£18 pb.

The edition of this useful guide lists full contact details for over 300 African publishers and includes lists of the languages in which they publish. Listings are alphabetical within country order. For 45 book trade organisations, principal objectives, the training programmes they offer and current officers are listed. Eighteen book trade journals are also included.

African Books in Print/Livres africaines disponibles 5th ed., 2 vols., 2314 pp. ISBN 1873836961 £450/$750 per set. East Grinstead, Bowker Saur 2000

The new fifth edition of African books in print (ABIP) contains full bibliographic and acquisitions data on over 38,000 titles published in 43 African countries, by more than 1,100 publishers and research institutions with publishing programmes. Also included are publications from professional associations, learned societies, NGOs, university departments, and many more. Significantly updated since the last edition, ABIP cumulates all titles listed in the quarterly African Book Publishing Record (ABPR) between 1992 and 1999 along with a substantial number of new records not previously listed either in ABIP or ABPR.

This is an easy to use reference, with a detailed introduction setting out the scope of and arrangement. It includes : author indexes; title indexes; a subject index with approximately 1,500 subject headings/sub-headings' country and regional headings, language headings; and a directory of publishers with full names, addresses, telephone, fax, email, and web contact details

Namibian Books in Print, compiled by Werner Hillebrecht, 3rd ed. ISBN 9991672338, 114 pp 1999/2000. Association of Namibian Publishers with the National Library of Namibia, PO Box 5934 Ausspannplatz, Windhoek, Namibia, +264 61 231496 (fax), $19.95/ £11.95 pb. Distributed outside Africa by the African Books Collective, The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HU, England. +44 1865726686 (tel), +44 1865 793298 (fax),

Full bibliographic data is given for each title in this new edition, in which textbooks and scholarly books are listed separately from general books. For all titles in African languages, the language is identified. Namibian Books in Print contains a directory, with full contact details, of publishers, booksellers, distributors and organisations active in the Namibian book information sector.

Book Marketing & Promotion: a practical handbook for publishers in developing countries, Hans M. Zell (ed) ISBN 0952298996 416 pp 2000 INASP, Oxford, £40.00/$75.00 (free to publishers in Africa and to select recipients in other developing countries). Distributed by African Books Collective Ltd, details above.

This handbook is a compendium of practical advice on all aspects of marketing and promotion for publishers in Africa and other parts of the developing world.

Part one deals with current practice in book marketing, including drawing up a marketing plan, tips for successful copywriting, specialist promotion, direct mail, book fairs, and entering titles in bibliographic services. Part two deals with distribution including rights, licencing and co-publication. Part three includes case studies on current practice in book marketing in Africa, and provides comparisons with India and South Asia, South-East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.. Part four lists resource materials including directories; review and publicity outlets; and book prizes and awards.

The ABC of Book Publishing: a Training Manual for NGOs in Africa, Janet Nyeko, ISBN 9970510012 106 pp 1999 JANyeko Publishing Centre Ltd, Uganda, $10.50. From JANyeko Publishing Centre Ltd, PO Box 25613, Kampala, Uganda, and CTA, Postbus 380,6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands.

This attractively designed manual aims to show African NGOs, in a straight forward and practical way, how to publish their material. It introduces NGOs to the different aspects and tasks of the publishing process, discusses publisher-author relationships, contracts and copyright, and marketing, sales and distribution. There is much useful material in this book although it thus does contain some omissions and inaccuracies.

The Politics of Publishing in South Africa, eds. Nicholas Evans & Monica Seeber, ISBN 0953726215 ix, 300 pp 2000 Holger Ehling Publishing, $42, £28. Order from Holger Ehling, International Publishing Monitor, News-Media-Consulting, 4FH Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London N1 3QP, England. +44 20 7688 168(tel) +44 20 7688 1699 (fax)

The first in-depth analysis of what drives one of the world's most important emerging publishing markets with contributions by the country's leading publishing experts. This book is the first analysis of the industry to provide a social and historical context as well as treating it as of strategic importance for the further development of society. Section one, 'Media against apartheid: books, journals, magazines, newspapers' includes an overview and contributions on alternative publishing in South Africa. Section two: 'Language, writing, identity, publishing' has chapters on writers and publishing, and on reading in African languages. Section three, 'Considerations for the future', examines academic publishing, schoolbooks and public education, professional development in book publishing, and digital technologies

Public Libraries in Africa: A report and annotated bibliography. Aissa Issak (ed.) ISBN 1902928008, 1999 pp 2000. International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), 27 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HU, UK. £15.00+£3.60 (postage UK orders and £4.55 Europe orders). A limited number of copies are available for free distribution to developing country libraries.

Over the past ten years, much has been written in the professional press about the state of and role for information services and public libraries in Africa. The Carnegie Corporation of New York invited INASP to commission a literature search and provide a short synthesis report outlining major findings, to assist them in developing a strategy for a new programme of support. The lead researcher, Aissa Issak, Librarian, University of Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique, worked with a team of country resource persons from Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Apartheid In South African Libraries:, Kalley, Jacqueline A. ISBN 081083605X 280pp, 2000 Scarecrow, UK. £47.95hb

Examines the effect of apartheid on library services in South Africa, and documents the past record and experiences of black libraries. Integrates historical, legal and resource concerns, and includes a historical introduction and context.

The Mazruiana Collection: a comprehensive annotated bibliography of the published works of Ali A. Mazrui, 1962-1997, compiled by Abdul Samed Bemath, ISBN 8120721195 xiii, 348pp 1998 Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, $8.75. Co-published with The Foundation for Global Dialogue, Johannesburg, South Africa; AHA Publishing House, Jos, Nigeria; Fountain Publishers, Kampala, Uganda; East African Educational Publishers, Kenya; Africa World Press, USA, Institutie of Muslim Minority Affairs, London, England.

Although this book is not directly concerned with publishing, we list it as an example of good co-publishing arrangements.

Women's Voices: Gender, Books & Development, Proceedings of the 1999 Indaba conference at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair. ISBN 0797420398 296pp 2000 Zimbabwe International Book Fair Trust. £10.95 pb. Distributed by African Books Collective Ltd, The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HU, England. +44 1865726686 (tel), +44 1865 793298 (fax),

This collection of 36 papers offers a rich and diverse array of views on gender, culture and development in Africa. Includes the addresses of the contributors.

African Publishing Review, ISSN 10297618 1998 APNET, Harare. Annual subscription inside Africa $30/£20 (airmail $35/£25), outside Africa $50/£35 (airmail $60/£40) from APNET, PO Box 3773, Harare, Zimbabwe. +263 4 706196/7 (tel), +263 4 705106 (fax), e-mail:

vol. 9 no 1 contains articles on language policies and publishing in African languages vol 9 no. 2. looks at Education for all, Bookselling, and includes useful details of business opportunities.

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