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 BPN Newsletter Issue No 25, July 1999 


Danish Centre for Culture and Development

The Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD) was established in October 1998 to strengthen cultural co-operation between Denmark and the non-western world though festivals, information activities, networking, the support of projects etc.

DCCD provides an entry point into Denmark for the promotion of non-western arts and cultures and is particularly interested in facilitating information about projects that could be presented in Denmark, or those in search of a Danish partner. DCCD aims to improve cultural co-operation between the western and non-western world in terms of information, fundraising, networking, dialogue and research.

The Centre's first major project is the Images of the World festival, to be held in Denmark in August and September 2000. The festival theme is the cultural consequences of globalisation, and DCCD is inviting proposals for 'global projects' that

  • involve artists, cultural personalities, cultural expressions from several continents
  • are local or cross-cultural and feature global expression, a universal theme or a global social issue
  • encourage intercultural dialogue about the 'global ethics' needed for peace and development worldwide.

Preliminary proposals for large projects are encouraged for August 1999, but proposals will also be welcome after this date.

DCCD, Vestergade 5, DK - 1456 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Tel +45 3317 9700, fax +45 3317 9701, e-mail:, [end] [BPN, no 25, 1999, p 11.]

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