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 BPN Newsletter Issue No 24, December 1998 


ADEA/Unesco survey on conditions of teaching and learning: study on the context of book provision

The ADEA Working Group on Books and Learning Materials and the UNESCO/Danida Basic Learning Materials Initiative are seeking book specialists' opinions on a wide range of qualitative aspects of book provision: on the significance of the book famine, the kinds of materials that are lacking, aspects of the book chain that require attention, strategies for fostering a more favourable reading culture, and ways in which books can be made more accessible.

Although inadequate book provision was identified at the 1990 Education for All conference in Jomtien as a continuing barrier, the shortage of relevant, good quality, affordable books continues to undermine teaching and learning.

The survey does not require answers to all sections, and it is hoped that people will respond at length with the issues that particularly concern them. If you would like to take part, please contact Jonny Baxter at DfID, 94 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL, England. Fax +44 171 917 0287, e-mail: [end] [BPN, No. 24, 1998.]

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