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BPN Newsletter Issue No 20, Autumn 1997 


China's 7th National Book Fair

Lian Zhenran

Lian Zhenran is senior editor of Sichuan Education Publishing House, and a member of the Bilingual Dictionary Specialist Committee of the China Lexicographical Association. Address: Sichuan Education Publishing House, 3 Yandoa Street, Chengdu, Sichuan 610012, China

China's 7th National Book Fair was held in the `book city' of the new and developing modern city of Schenzhen, 8-19 November 1996. The participants included over 500 publishing houses, 34 delegations of press and publishing, and also editors, publishers, distributors, cover designers, and readers. This book fair has topped all previous records, with over 100,000 titles displayed.

This Book Fair was a grand gathering, demonstrating large-scale information dissemination and market competition. Books at the fair tended to be high-quality and well-designed hardbacks, generally academic series rather than popular single volumes. Whilst there were many books in paper medium, there were few electronic publications. Their range included culture, education, history, philosophy, science, technology, military affairs, literature and arts, and also reference books.

Despite books being expensive, reading is increasing in China. Practical books, and those on science and technology, are well received by readers. The book market is becoming more competitive and publishing houses are increasingly aware of issues of quality and the need to establish good distribution mechanisms. [end] [BPN, no 20, 1997, p.7]

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