Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter

Number 18
November 1996


The Bellagio Publishing Network is an informal association of organizations dedicated to strengthening indigenous publishing and book development in Africa. The group includes publishers, donor organizations from both government and private voluntary sectors, and others who are concerned with books and publishing. This newsletter covers news of the Network and perspectives on publishing and book development.


 News and Report on Publishing

Minding the Business at ZIBF96
By Margaret Ling

Zimbabwe Book Fair Activities
By Carol Priestley and Carew Treffgarne

Workshop for African Journal Editors
By Damtew Teferra

Pan African Booksellers Association Organized

Pan-African Children's Book Fair Grows in Importance
By Mary H. Bugembe

French-Language Novel Wins 1996 Noma Award


 Perspectives and Commentary

Are Ghanaian Publishers Producing Fewer Titles?
By Woeli A. Dekutsey

Copyright Grinches
By Philip G. Altbach

Doing it Better
By Charles McGregor

Self-censorship and African Scholarship: Implications for Scholarly Publishing
By Jacob Jaygbay

Publishing Partnerships Between Africa and the North: A Dream or a Possibility?
By Victor Nwankwo




News of the Bellagio Research and Information Center

Bellagio Secretariat Activities

Letters to the Editor

Obituary: Rex Collings, Publisher

Book Review: Publishing in Africa: One Man's Perspective
By Hans Zell

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