Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter

Number 14
August 1995


The Bellagio Publishing Network is an informal association of organizations dedicated to strengthening indigenous publishing and book development in Africa. The group includes publishers, donor organizations from both government and private voluntary sectors, and others who are concerned with books and publishing. This newsletter covers news of the Network and perspectives on publishing and book development.


 News and Views on Publishing


APNET Meets in Nairobi
By Woeli A. Dekutsey

Workshop Aims to Stimulate Publishing Science for Children
By Macharia Mugo

Publishing Economics Top DAE Working Group Agenda
By Carol Priestley

ZIBF Human Rights Theme Brings in the Bookings
By Margaret Ling

The World Bank Meets APNET Members in Nairobi
By Woeli A. Dekutsey

Book Aid International: Working to Strengthen Local Book Production
By Cath Nicholson

Piracy in the Chinese Book Market
By David Ze

Canadian Center for Studies in Publishing
By Roland Lorimer

UNESCO's Section for Books and Reading: A Holistic View of Book Development
By Rosamaria Durand

Hans Zell: An Appreciation
Mary Jay, Eldred D. Jones, Walter Bgoya, and Gregory A. Finnegan

Scholars and Academic Publishers: the African Context
By Jacob Jaygbay

Pirates, Surfers and a Sea of Filth
By John Sutherland


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