Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter

Number 12
December 1994


The Bellagio Publishing Network is an informal association of organizations dedicated to strengthening indigenous publishing and book development in Africa. The group includes publishers, donor organizations from both government and private voluntary sectors, and others who are concerned with books and publishing. This newsletter covers news of the Network and perspectives on publishing and book development.


 News and Views on Publishing


Roundtable on Marketing and Distribution, Bellagio Group Meet in Tanzania
By Katherine Salahi

Dar es Salaam Book Fair

Book Fair Directors Meet at Bellagio
By Trish Mbanga

Malawi Scholar Tiyambe Zeleza, NOMA Award Winner 1994, Receives Prize During Book Week in Dar es Salaam
By Katherine Salahi

The Pan-African Children's Book Fair: Africa's Most Important Literary Event
By Mary H. Bugembe

The World Book Fair in India
By Urvashi Butalia

The African Publishing Institute and Local Initiative
By Ian Montagnes

GATT and Intellectual Property: Ownership Requires Responsibility
By Philip G. Altbach

Afro-Asian Book Council Sponsors Book Exhibition and Author Workshop in Ethiopia
By Asang Machwe

Developing the African Visual Dictionary: A Different Methodology for a Different Book
By Elise Tousignant

Friends-of-the-Book Foundation Achieves Autonomy
By James E. Otiende

CODE Europe's Place in the CODE Network
By Kelvin Smith


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