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Cambridge University Press Internships for PDI (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) Graduates

As part of its commitment to equality of opportunity in the workplace, between 2004 and 2010 the African Branch of Cambridge University Press will be making available two internships per year for suitably qualified PDI graduates to receive intensive and in-depth training in all the main aspects of publishing. Only graduates qualifying in 2003 or individuals graduating within the previous two years will be eligible.

Trainee interns will undergo an eighteen-month training programme. 'Selection will be a rigorous process. Only the most energetic, innovative and imaginative individuals with a genuine liking for books, and a potential for occupying manageria-l positions within the publishing industry at a future date, will be considered. Interviews will be held in Cape Town in July 2003 and selected interns will begin their training in January 2004.'

'The first year of this will take place in Cambridge's African Branch office in Cape Town where you will learn about all the main aspects of publishing and printing, including editorial, sales and marketing, publicity, customer services, production, and financial matters. As a trainee intern, you will be required to do some travelling within South Africa and also visit one of the Branch's agents outside the Republic where you will combine editorial and sales experience in another country. Following this, you will spend a three-month period in Cambridge, England in order to get a more general understanding of Cambridge University Press, its ethos and the way it operates as a major international publisher world-wide. At the end of this period, you will return to Cape Town to complete your training.'

Phase one of the programme is open to South African students only, but future programmes will be open to students from other African countries as well.

For further information, contact:

Hanri Pieterse
Executive Director, African Branch
Cambridge University Press
Dock House
Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
Cape Town

The closing date for applications is 1 June 2003.


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