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Antwerp to be World Book Capital 2004

The city of Antwerp in Belgium has won the bid for World Book Capital 2004. The selection committee unanimously favoured Antwerp because of the excellence of the programme submitted, including a number of aspects of book promotion, like book sales, books and reading, literature, services, crafts, books for the youths, books and cultural diversity and books and cultural minorities.

The selection committee, which met in Paris on 17 January, was chaired by the President of the International Publishers Association (IPA), and included Pere Vicens (IPA), Françoise Dubruille of the International Booksellers' Federation (IBF), Ross Shimmon of the International Federation of the Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and UNESCO representative Milagros del Corral.

Antwerp's application, said the Committee, constitutes a model, because of its comprehensive nature and the rich documentation provided. The other two candidates were Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Barcelona (Spain).



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