Some recent projects facilitated by Bellagio Secretariat

July 2002, Cape Town Network of African Book Fair Directors: first exploratory meeting to set up network of African Book Fair directors, co-convened with the Zimbabwe International Book Fair. Funded by Prince Claus Fund. Bellagio secretariat continues to act as project’s interim secretariat
June 2002, Oxford meeting of Bellagio Publishing Network associates to share information and plan future direction of Network. Funded by The Rockefeller Foundation
Jan-June 2001, Pretoria, Cape Town and New York Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa: planning meetings on cultural policy analysis and management training in Africa, bringing together African artists, humanists, cultural leaders and policymakers, co-convened with UNESCO, SADC and the US-based Institute for Cultural Enterprise. Funded by the Ford Foundation.
December 2000, Maputo meeting of Bellagio Publishing Network associates, and seminar on arts publishing. Funded by Sida, Danida, NORAD and the Rockefeller Foundation
November 2000, Bellagio planning meeting of Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET) to develop first board. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.
June 2000, Port of Spain meeting of Caribbean publishers to discuss formation of pan-Caribbean network, linked to consultative meeting on Caribbean cultural industries. Funded by Ford Foundation
May 2000, Oxford Ubuntu planning and board development retreat. Funded by Ford Foundation
January 2000, New York Ubuntu steering committee meeting with Ford Foundation. Funded by Ford Foundation
December 1999, New York meeting of Bellagio Publishing Network associates, and signing of strategic partnership between donors and APNET
September 1999, Florence African arts and humanities publishing brainstorming meeting. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation
July 1999, Harare meeting to develop strategic partnership agreement between donors and APNET, co-ordinated by Bellagio Publishing Network
March-April 1998, Stockholm

seminar ‘Visions of African cultural co-operation and development’ – agora session at UNESCO Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies; launch of Ubuntu movement. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and Sida

February 1998, Lomé Pan-African Consultation on Cultural Co-operation and Development. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and Sida

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