The Network's activities are managed by a secretariat, guided by an advisory team.

Katherine Salahi, co-ordinator (Oxford)
Suki Pay, administrator (Oxford)
Sulaiman Adebowale, editor (Dakar)
Ruth Makotsi, capacity building (Nairobi)

Advisory team:
Henry Chakava, Anita Theorell, Hans Zell

Henry Chakava, one of Africa's most experienced publishers, is a founder member of the African Publishers Network (APNET) and the African Books Collective.

Anita Theorell
, cultural consultant, was formerly head of Sida culture division.

Hans Zell
is a publisher of information resources on Africa, African studies, and African publishing.

Katherine Salahi has co-ordinated the Bellagio Publishing Network since 1993. She has a background in African studies and academic publishing.

Suki Pay
is a professional classical musician and educationalist.

Sulaiman Adebowale
has worked as a print journalist and is Managing Editor at CODESRIA in Senegal. He studied English at the University of Lagos and publishing and electronic media at Oxford Brookes University.

Ruth Makotsi
has worked as a publishing consultant since the mid-1990s. Currently she is the first executive secretary of the East African Book Development Association. She was an Alan Hill publishing scholar at Oxford Brookes University.

The Oxford secretariat actively seeks to employ African publishing professionals who are in Oxford for further studies in publishing and related fields.

Organisations regularly participating in Bellagio Publishing Network meetings include African Books Collective, ADEA, APNET, Book Aid International, CAPNET, CTA, Dag Hammarskjøld Foundation, DANIDA, INASP, Médiateurs, Morel Trust, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NORAD, Pan-African Booksellers Association, Rockefeller Foundation, Sida, UNESCO, and the World Bank.

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